When the Rain Comes by Freddie Bailey-Cook

Seeing the harrowing footage on the news of farmers losing their crops, stock and in extreme cases taking their own lives, plus literally watching the fields turn from green to brown around him; Freddie was acutely aware of the devastation being wrought by the drought not only across the country but also in his back yard.

It wasn’t until he attended the R U Aware We Care Concert held in Tamworth in July that he was motivated to put pen to paper and write about what would happen when the rain finally came.

“When the Rain Comes” is a song designed to lift the spirits of the farmers, reminding them of the good times and fortunes to come. Freddie urges these great Aussie battlers that feed our nation; to hang in there and allow their communities to lend a helping hand until the rain comes. The poetry of the fields turning green, smelling the rich red earth and watching the crops raise their heads above the once scorched land after the rain, sends a powerful message of hope to those doing it tough.

All funds raised through online sales of this song will be donated to the R U Aware We Care charity,

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Freddie when the rains comes

Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 February 2019
Armidale Showground

This years Relay for Life will be farmer themed to raise awareness, with non-perishable food items being collected throughout the event.

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The Massage Escape

Until it rains and helps fill the dams, The Massage escape is giving famers a 10% discount on any massage. Click here for contact details.

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