Well below average rain and widespread drought across the New England Northwest Region is starting to take its toll. Many farmers have sold off all but their core breeding stock and they have been left hand-feeding for months. Money is tight and debts are mounting.

By donating to the New England Northwest Drought Appeal, you show local farming families that the wider community cares.

When you make a donation, your funds will be collected by The Salvation Army and distributed directly to local landholders to help pay bills and buy essential items. 

The flow-on effect of your act of kindness then sees local business boosted from spending into the local economy – this is especially true of our smaller towns and villages.

To ensure our local economy continues to flourish, we now discourage donations of pet food, non perishable foods and toiletry items. Whilst these goods are necessary family items, cash donations allow us to give farmers cash or EFTPOS cards to purchase locally.


About the appeal.

Aussie farmers are the backbone of our country and work tirelessly to put food on our tables but in tough times like these, they need our help and support

“RU Aware, We Care” is a joint initiative of 88.9FM and Tamworth Regional Council with the generous support of the Wests Entertainment Group, Salvation Army Tamworth, CWA, Tamworth Business Chamber and the NSW Farmers Association.

All donations will assist farming families who need a helping hand from the New England Northwest Region.

You can be assured that your donation will assist a family in your LGA, especially when you make a donation and provide a corresponding postcode.

Cr Col Murray 600pix.jpg

Cr Col Murray, Mayor of Tamworth Region

“No donation is too small. Whether you go shopping for a farmer, make a cash donation or run your own fundraising event, it all helps and when help it’s most needed”

kevin 600px.jpg

Kevin Tongue, NSW Farmers Associations

“Farmers are some of the proudest people I know and they won’t like asking for help but the reality is, during times of drought, many need a helping hand to survive. I’m pleased to say, this appeal offers that support and with dignity”


The “RU Aware We Care Drought Appeal" is brought to you thanks to the support of the following sponsors:


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